About The Name

The name Bamby Fashion takes me all the way back to 1994. At just three months old I received a new sibling, the four-legged kind. On December 26, 1994 a tiny chihuahua named Bamby was born. Who knew something so small could conquer the hearts of those who loved her, forever. We spent 15 long years creating memories; she was so full of energy. So loving, oh! And so over protective. She once even jumped from a second story balcony! She saw my sister playing with the neighbors and thinking she was in trouble, she “flew” to the rescue. Bamby was our first pet, she was family, she will always be in our hearts, our memories with her will always be cherished. She is why I instantly knew it was only right for our store to be named after her in her honor,

Bamby Fashion.